Mark Henson – The answer

Who are you Mark?

I am one of the now 9 billion human inhabitants of this small planet at the present time. I am very fortunate, as I have been able, for the most part, to follow my heart’s desire. I wanted to live a creative life filled with artistic magic of all kinds, and to know and work with interesting and colorful people. I wanted to explore myself and find something of lasting worth to share. I am thankful for my good fortune, for many of my wishes have, over time, become reality. Now that I am past 50, I am more sensitive to the passing of the days, and so I like to hang around the studio as much as possible, painting, sketching and making things. I am person who came of age in the time of social ferment known as the ’60’s. I lived in suburbia near San Francisco and experienced the hippie days there in all their glory, the sights and sounds that filled the streets. In those days we wanted to change the world from a place of conflict and war into a paradise on earth, and we were willing to make some sacrifices to make it happen. Most of the ideals we worked for in those times are my guideposts today, and I am convinced that only by working together can we bring about a world with peace and justice for everyone.

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