Max Dworkin – Who, what, why and how

“My work focuses on several different but closely related subjects and situations which all revolve around my fascination with the world around me. My work also touches on different aspects of my surroundings and experiences ranging from people involved in my life to events and strange scenarios I have encountered.

The process of photographing allows me to try and capture some of the feelings, interests and emotions that life leaves me with. I am interested in combining two very different elements in my images; very controlled technical skill (lighting, composition and focus) with uncontrolled elements (action, animals, strangers, danger, ect.) and I take an active role in my work.

Because my work revolves around my life it is constantly shifting and seems to spill over into different areas of photography; portraiture, documentary, action, still life, landscape and biographic. In some of my work I am interested in creating a narrative with my images giving the viewer a single image from a larger scenario leaving them with questions and forcing them to fill in the blanks about who, what, why, and how.”

Max Dworkin

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