Max Sauco – Masks off

Max Sauco is an artist who succeeds in dissecting the inner world, ideas and subconscious of a human of today through stripping and taking out from a human’s viscera the most genuine things. Things hiding behind the social masks of statuses and behind biological covers but remain unaltered for millions of years – feelings, emotions, the ego. A lot of people spend their lives remaining unknown even to their closest human beings. Probably this is due to the fear to be disapproved and to remain misunderstood. It is much easier to get dressed in a carnival costume and to put on a mask in order to blend into the pageant and to dance to the music. Max Sauco is a kind of costume designer who redresses people and takes off the carnival masks so as to demonstrate: what they try to cover up is in fact absolutely imperishable, beautiful, genuine and actually unique…

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