Mora Dalarna – From my heart

” My paintings come directly from my heart, this in my way to express who I am, how I feel, where I go. I follow the feelings and use the color, then the creative process begins and all the movement in the work. After some time I can see a lot of different shapes in the paintings, and then decide what I feel and see everything clearly. The painting is finish when the completnes feels in it, ex balance, symmetry,light, rytm……

My art is represent in Sweden, in Västerås Castle—“Visit Bergslagen”, and in Virsbo Artgallery.”

Mora Dalarna

målningar4 015_redigerad-1.JPG

mina målningar 001.JPG

mina målningar 002.JPG

mina målningar 013.JPG

mina målningar 014.JPG

mina målningar 017.JPG

öland 2010 005_redigerad-1.JPG

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