Musetouch Visual Arts Magazine Issue 10 published!

Dear readers,

Working on Musetouch didn’t bring me only enormous happiness and satisfaction, but also new friends…artists, people with huge hearts, sensitive and emotional. I realized that I am not the only one, some kind of emotional freak, and it has made me less lonely.

What is quite interesting is that most of these people are creating to escape from pain, sadness, to reach happiness and as one of my friends said…to stay sane. That is something that is almost common to all the artists I have met during these ten months. Art is their sanctuary, a parallel world in which they are finding their true self, comfort, joy and bliss, and also a way to fight, express themselves and stay sane…as I already said.

Can art save the world? Is art the only thing that is breaking the walls, national and cultural differences, and uniting people in its unique, beautiful dimension? The answer is yes. I am sure that art is the only thing that can release us and make us more noble, more human.

It is saving my friends…let it save you. Try to create and you will see…

Special thank goes to Ljiljana Bursac, Jelena Grujic, my Nini Baseema, Ian Furniss, Gines Serran and my dear friend Mark Sadan.

Maia Sylba

Cover by Kiyo Murakami