Musetouch visual arts magazine issue 14 published!

Dear readers,

There are bright times of happiness, joy, and bliss, but also dark, cold times of sorrow, lonelines and silence. You can sit and wait, you can kill yourself with mourning, thinking about dreams which never came true, passions that were never realised, a love never lived…or…you can create.

I choose the second option, the second path and although I am not the happiest person alive, I am deeply honoured and pleased to create Musetouch, to meet all of the beautiful artists I presented, to get to know their stories and secrets, to dream, fantasise, imagine together with all of you, my dear readers and friends.

I want to thank to Ljiljana Bursac, my Nini Baseema, Jelena Grujic, Kiyo Murakami, Ian Furniss, Gines Serran and Mark Sadan for sharing that path with me. I am thanking all of you too, and asking you to … create.

Maia Sylba

Cover by Kiyo Murakami


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