Renata Brzozowska – The painting of emotions

“Renata Brzozowska is a restless choreographer, always striving to create a perfect sequence of her dancing painting brush, and the movement, frozen in her canvas. Full of dynamism structures appear on her paintings as a result of her master, wide strokes, and courageously selected colors. The main characters of her paintings are the expressive, self-secure figures: proud and free women, at the peak of their lifetimes. In love with life, devoted to their passions, fully experiencing everything that appears on their ways. Sometimes they are sad truly sad, going through what they didnt manage to change This is the painting of emotions. Dancing figures come into being from the colorful whirls: dance of the body and soul, of the beauty and just Renata Brzozowska.”

See more about this brilliant young artist and her art by visiting her official web site at the link below…

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