SKWAK – Vibrant art

SKWAK is an amazing french artist specialized in illustration, characters design, toys and Maniacs! He created an exaggerated graphic world that he calls the “Maniac World”. It started with some monsters that he created called Koogai which represented all kinds of pollution. Instead of showing or personifying causes he preferred to create an imaginary world where he could show the consequences of pollution as well as creating characters that were born infected.

His bold, vibrant art revisit children’s fairy tales and universal myths and is inspired by everyday life exaggerated to the point of absurdity. The world SKWAK depicts is a huge playground: colorful, polluted, and simultaneously laid-back and crazy. It’s like a distorted reality where everything is exagerated, and where the main notions are constriction, escalation. He gets his inspiration from everywhere, A word, a sound, some text …everything and anything that can make him start a new story.

SKWAK’s work has been showcased in many different galleries and exhibitions around the globe as well as in magazines, books, toys, clothing, shoes, and snowboards.

See more of SKWAK’s artworks by visiting his official web site at the link below…

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