Tomas Rucker – Fine art nude photography

“I focused on photography after several years of figural drawing. I started to emphasize perspective, depth and lighting until my drawings began to resemble nude photography. My favorite aspect of studio nude is the full control photographer has over whole scene which is projected into the work. While working on location, I am on the contrary trying to improvise and utilize the lighting and posing to match the overall atmosphere of the environment. I prefer to work with less formally experienced models and I base our co-operation on good and close interpersonal interaction rather than formal posing during the shooting. I tend to work with my models on a long-term basis in order to develop spontaneous co-operation and trust. I don´t feel to be influenced by any current commercial streams and photographers nor do I feel to be bound by strict technical limitations. But I think that words are not important – better see the photos!”

Tomas Rucker