Zhana D`Arte – The greatest inspiration

“I was born and I grew up in Germany, but my roots are from Serbia and I’m now back again in the Balkans, I’m travelling a lot and this is one of the most important things for my art. Actually Im a Graphic Designer, but Ive decided to paint just in oil now. Goethe and Vuk Karadzic influenced my work the most. That’s why I’m painting now just Serbian, German and Slavic fairy tales. My name Zhana D`Arte is a concept for my art and my way. My name is actually Snezana Radulovic and it means like the hunting Snow white – I’m hunting like Goethe and Vuk after folk and fairy tales from my countries, collecting them and spreading.

Sometimes I’m painting portraits, like e.g. the one of Ms Dynamite, because music is the best art teacher and its relaxing. Or e.g. the portrait of Nikola Tesla because he is the greatest inspiration for me in every way. In general I paint portraits just in my free time, when I’m not painting fairy tales…”

Snezana Radulovic




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