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Dimitris Miliotis – Art all over the world

Dimitris Miliotis was born in Corfu Island, Greece. He had taken his first lessons of painting in his native town and then he continued in Athens by famous art teachers. He graduated in Mathematics and continued his studies in Printmaking, University of Fine Arts in Athens. He has already made twelve exhibitions around Greece and participated in more than 35 group exhibitions in Greece and abroad ( Italy, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Bulgaria, Slovakia, and France ). Dimitris’s artworks are exhibited in the Municipal Gallery of Corfu, in various Public halls, and his paintings and printmakings can be found in homes and halls of many people who love fine arts, all around the world.

Thank you for being a part of this, for giving us a chance to see all these wonderful artworks and especially for your confidence my dear, dear friend.

Your M


Art Artists Fine Art Inspiration painting

Francesco Severini – Art as a life story

He wrote to me on one peaceful evening, on FB, asked for conditions about participating in my new magazine.  He called me fairy, sent me his friendship and admiration, gave me his astonishing paintings,  his heart and soul,  his whole world and he said that he will write…but since that I am impatient like a child…I am presenting you Francesco’s artworks already. Hope that you will feel exactly what I did and about his bio…we will wait…maybe it is not even important. His art is his life story.

To you my dear friend.

Your fairy

Art Artists Fine Art painting Sculpture

Natalie Stewart – African artwork

Natalie is an artist. She loves painting and have sold a large amount of them in the last ten years or so. She did a lot of African artwork in the past but mainly do abstract now or pop art, which she loves. She enjoys doing commissions and matching colour schemes and themes. Or alternatively pop art is done from a photo in standard black and white. Natalie was born in Zimbabwe and based in Cape Town, South Africa right now.

Natalie Stewart Artwork

Art Artists Drawing Fine Art painting

Agnes Preszler – True art lover

Agnes Preszler was born in 1961 in Budapest, where in 1988 she has obtained the ITA (Information Technology Architect) degree at the Financial and Computistic Academy. In Hungary she has worked in computer centres and at the Hungarian Television of State.

In 1990 she married an Italian citizen and since then she lives in Veroli (Lazio), 80 km from Rome. She is a webmaster for hobby, but accepts also commissions. She takes care of websites also for very prestigious clients like the Museum of the Ancient Book in Villa d’Este, Tivoli and the Casamari Abbey.

She is also correspondant of the Ciociaria Oggi daily newspaper and collaborates with the Civis cultural magazine; both are printed in about 6.000 copies. In 2005 she has obtained the Inars Ciociaria international journalistic prize. She has translated in Italian many poems of Hungarian classic literature, they are published on her personal website and also in the Hungarian Electronic Library.

In 2007, on commission of the Kalligram Editor (Bratislava – Budapest) she has translated in Hungarian “Impure acts – Amado mio” of Pier Paolo Pasolini. The book has been presented in June 2008 in Budapest during the 79th Week of the Book. This is the first literary work of Pasolini ever published in Hungarian language.

She is an art-lover, she has written a great number of articles about expositions and other cultural events. In 2003, after 30 years of artistic inactivity, she has returned to draw, learning the use of the digital tablet. In September 2008 she has begun to realize works with traditional techniques like pencil and charcoal drawing and oil painting. Her works are published by a large number of online galleries, she receives every day invitations for exhibitions in Italy and abroad. She is member of various cultural associations.