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Giring Prihatyasono – Warm and beautiful

Giring Prihatyasono was born in Indonesia, in 1980. He graduated at Indonesian Institute of Art.


– Finalist of 2010 Taipei International Art Competition, Taiwan

– Finalist of Competition “3G Harian Suara Merdeka”, at Contemporary Art Gallery Semarang

– Finalist of “Jakarta Art Award 2008”

– Finalist of “100 th Kebangkitan Nasional SETELAH 20 MEI”, at

Jogja Gallery, 2008

faded, 2010, 120 X 100 cm, AOC.jpg

gamang, 2010, akrilik kanvas, 200 X 120 cm.jpg

lonely in red,AOC,180 X 140 cm,2010.jpg

Tentang Malu, 180x140cm,AOC, 2010...jpg


trans identity, AOC, 200 X 120 cm, 2010.jpg

wening,AOC,180 X 140 cm, 2010.jpg

Art Artists Inspiration

Adel Radwan – Digital painting

My working day usually starts by putting my big mug of coffee next to my computer; a fast look at the latest finished design and check out feed backs on my recent published work, afterwards I look at my yesterday’s sketches and notes to set up a start point and then the work begins. My relation with drawing started during my early years of school; a loved hobby that turned into a career in my mid twenties when I joined the art team of Look Advertising; one of the leading advertising Egyptian companies.

Twelve years in the field, drawing hundreds of clip arts, moving and switching between drawing cartoons, web design, magazine design, a new passion was developed in me “Digital Painting” that I became devoted too and even I might say: addicted! And in the present, lots of my time is dedicated to this new born art.

My work has been featured in the following internet sites:, X-project magazine, Fantasy Art School

Also my work was featured in the following Egyptian magazines:
Teen Stuff
Cairo Today
Doctor& Doctor

Adel Radwan











Art Artists Fine Art Inspiration painting

Nora Meyer – Colors of my life

Nora Meyer was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Exhibitions: New York, USA, Miami, USA, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Punta del Este, Uruguay.

Part of Private and Corporate Collections across the country and South America. South Florida Art Center, Miami Beach. 2008, Brickell Key Art, Brickell Key, Miami. 2008, Synergy. Wynwood, Miami. 2009, Artsetter. 2009, ArtWithinArt, Miami. 2009, Art Basel Miami, Design District. 2009, The Brooklyn Art Library, Brooklyn, NY 2010, Chelsea, NY, June 2010










Art Artists Fine Art Inspiration painting

Joan Louis – Traffic in the Sky

” Growing up in Trujillo, music and art were solid foundations of my cultural upbringing and my paintings draw from this strong Coast North Peruvian influence. As a child, I was very gifted in colours and forms and all materials of art because my father is a painter artist enrolled me. It was a very Interesting to me look at my father working in his art study at home. I spent several hours looking at him working and discovering new variety of colors from his palet . For most of my life this was the path I took: paintings exhibitions and books teaching paint. However, as I grew older, I came to realize that my concept of a real artist is freedom – and Painting did represent that to me.

One day I noticed my tulip garden and suddenly had the urge to paint it. I had never painted before but I was drawn to the colors and forms and I simply had to try. As I continued experimenting with color and form, my desire to paint became so strong that I ultimately gave up teaching and performing music to follow my heart. With painting, I have chosen my own path and in doing so, I choose the path of freedom. I express with color what I hear in my heart. By manipulating formal devices such as thick and thin paint, line and edge, distortion and rhythmic patterns, I create a feeling that allows color to define form.

My concern is not the precision of the subject I see – it is painting the feeling of what I see. The essence of each painting is the connection between the subject matter and me. When I step inside the space I am creating on canvas, I want the viewer to go there with me – to experience the openness of the moment. Expressing the truth of the present moment is what drives me to paint. The past leads each one of us to the present moment, and yet once we arrive at the present moment, the past falls away and we are left with only the positive now. As I paint, the colors, shapes and forms evolving on the canvas allow me to reach back towards my experiences as a child traveling from Coast sea to Andeans Mountains . Digging deep into a vast pool of feelings I reach out and express on canvas the paradox between reality and dream, embracing the ethereal and the mystery of the unknown.

To this expression, I continuously dedicate my time as an artist. Painting offers a passion to heal the inner soul and an even greater enthusiasm to connect with my true self.There are two things that I love most in the world – children and animals. Both are very frank and open-minded, and that’s what I love most in them. And animals can’t talk so the only way they express themselves is through emotions! I am a very emotional person myself and I want to understand the emotions of animals from the expression of their faces (and tails :)). I want to depict these emotions in a unique and non-standard way, and so I paint dogs that can fly or cows that can dance like a person. My folk art paintings are a world of fairy tales. I hope you can feel and see this world too!”

Joan Louis

Art Artists Fine Art Inspiration painting

Mora Dalarna – From my heart

” My paintings come directly from my heart, this in my way to express who I am, how I feel, where I go. I follow the feelings and use the color, then the creative process begins and all the movement in the work. After some time I can see a lot of different shapes in the paintings, and then decide what I feel and see everything clearly. The painting is finish when the completnes feels in it, ex balance, symmetry,light, rytm……

My art is represent in Sweden, in Västerås Castle—“Visit Bergslagen”, and in Virsbo Artgallery.”

Mora Dalarna

målningar4 015_redigerad-1.JPG

mina målningar 001.JPG

mina målningar 002.JPG

mina målningar 013.JPG

mina målningar 014.JPG

mina målningar 017.JPG

öland 2010 005_redigerad-1.JPG