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June Leeloo – Sensual femininity

June Leloo is a painter and illustrator from France. Her paintings usually depict women. The women represented are sensual, even kindly erotic but still they are mysterious and have an air of melancholy. She get’s her inspiration from many sources. For example: Asian literature, sculptor Pompon, Art Nouveau, music and manga’s from the 80′s.

Cindy Vriend

Art Artists Drawing Inspiration

J&D Designs – Everyone is an artist

J&D Designs was creatively developed by Devrryn Jenkins & Justin Chase in 2009. The creators came together after years of friendship because of a common interest in thought provoking, story-telling artwork and decided to team up with the common goal of re-inventing visual art as a whole while bringing back true originality to the artistic world. Everyone is an artist in one way or another. These individuals have decided to take that to the next level by developing 100% of the concepts by hand.