Art Artists Fine Art Inspiration painting

Zhana D`Arte – The greatest inspiration

“I was born and I grew up in Germany, but my roots are from Serbia and I’m now back again in the Balkans, I’m travelling a lot and this is one of the most important things for my art. Actually Im a Graphic Designer, but Ive decided to paint just in oil now. Goethe and Vuk Karadzic influenced my work the most. That’s why I’m painting now just Serbian, German and Slavic fairy tales. My name Zhana D`Arte is a concept for my art and my way. My name is actually Snezana Radulovic and it means like the hunting Snow white – I’m hunting like Goethe and Vuk after folk and fairy tales from my countries, collecting them and spreading.

Sometimes I’m painting portraits, like e.g. the one of Ms Dynamite, because music is the best art teacher and its relaxing. Or e.g. the portrait of Nikola Tesla because he is the greatest inspiration for me in every way. In general I paint portraits just in my free time, when I’m not painting fairy tales…”

Snezana Radulovic

Art Artists Inspiration Photography

Donna Black – Candid and emotive

Donna’s work is mostly candid and emotive portrait photography, dealing with “real” people within “real” situations and experiences. She wishes to capture the true nature of personality and emotion in all its raw states without gauzes or moral blindfolds. Donna is especially interested in people that are within a minority in mainstream society, people that are unique in their own way, and are brave enough not just to follow a certain trend or worry about acceptance and public opinion, and will be whoever and however they wish to be regardless. She consider’s herself a “member” of a subculture due to her many beliefs/opinions and choices, so she is very interested in different lifestyles, arts, beliefs and choices that people have and the subcultures that they “belong” to.

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Art Artists Fine Art Inspiration Photography

Lilyana Karadjova – Creating a moment

“For me photography is not capturing a moment, but creating a moment that otherwise wouldn’t exist. Photography is demiurgic. It doesn’t have to be simple, with a clear composition and straight idea. My work is rather chaotic, so I release the imagination of the watcher. My photography doesn’t insists directly on an idea, but rather suggest different idea. Photography and art should not be a weapon of any ideology or politics, but it should in the same time has an idea, but let the watcher have the freedom to find different things, than that idea.”

Lilyana Karadjova

See more about this talented young artist and her work in the new edition of Musetouch Visual Arts Magazine.