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Katarina Stefanovic – Harmless illusion

“I’ve read lots of comments, blog posts and forum topics about my photographs, whether I use photoshop or not, and should photoshop be used at all. It’s an honest question, but, as far as I’m concern, I had a goal to use photography as ‘prima materia’, a base, and through editing create a fusion of reality and vision.

I am not a photo reporter, so I don’t feel obligated to honor every detail. What I’m trying to achieve is to emphasize the whole potential of a shot, creating a sight that I’d like if existed.. And since it’s impossible in real life, I do it in virtual 🙂 My work is maybe more similar to ‘photo-painting’ than photography.

Join me! After all, there is a reality of everything you imagine 🙂 If you had recognized my work, than we share the same vision, and they are yours as much as they are mine!

It’s a harmless illusion – your personal, real life reality is only a click away… 🙂 🙂 :)”

Katarina Stefanovic


Art Artists Fine Art Inspiration painting

Daniel F. Gerhartz -Artistic challenge

Daniel Gerhartz’s compelling paintings resonate an honesty, integrity, and a directness immediately evident to the viewer. His skillful and tecnicaly adept work celebrates the created world, human form, personal relationships and a connection with landscapes and environments of special importance.

Gerhartz chooses subjects that allow him to explore and capture the artistic challenges of color, light, mood and emotion. Many of his figures are dressed in dramatic clothing which he often invents for its aesthetic appeal and lyrical qualities.


Art Artists Fine Art Inspiration painting

Holly Hope Banks – A galaxy of blossoms

“The beauty of nature moves my spirit. I want to express this nature visually and in a traditional manner, as in the fine old master paintings you see in the museums. I look to them for inspiration and guidance in the convention of picture-making and strive to find my own language, my own personal handwriting within this discipline.”

Holly Hope Banks