Corinne Reignier – Delicate like you

“Corinne Reignier was born in 1963 in Franche Comté, she lives in Nantes since about fifteen years. Skilfully, she elaborates her ‘Beautiful’, the passion appears under the affectionate glance. At the same moment unsuspicious and the baroque, they pose rulers, delicately hemmed in the blazing case of their rich suits. Wrapped up, headed, We imagine them on a morning quay, surrounded with suitcases, travelers of the Express East… At the time of the tea, made languid on the sofa, the cheeks pinked to have run the campaign, they tilt slowly the head, lend to récevoir the confidences…But and invited this evening in some castle of the Scotland, they intrigue more than ever, adorned with velvet scarlet, the bare shoulder, the crazy buckle and slide you a rested glance which underlines a smile certainly too wise.How do not to dream to reach their luxurious and peaceful universe and of all know them, these generous and mischievous, frivolous and so fragile, sublimated heroines of past….”

See more about this beautiful artist and her art by visiting her official web site at the link below…


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