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“There is a story behind every creation…there is a story behind Musetouch too. I created it to escape from sorrow, great sadness I was going through. It helped me to find myself, to save myself and above all, to meet the most emotinal, sensitive, imaginative kind of people…the artists. I heard their stories, I meet them…most of them became my close friends, and helping them became my aim, my greatest wish, the purpose of my life.

I am working for free for two years now, trying to present as much artists as I can. Trying to connect them with agents, collectionars, gallery owners…for free.

Musetouch is a free magazine, all the presentations are free,the magazine’s blog posts, official facebook fan page posts, pinterest, twitter…I am doing everything for free. Yet, although I am giving my best and working 10-12 hours per day, I can’t manage to finish everything that I plan and need to, which is making me quite sad and devastated. There are tons and tons of emails to which I didn’t manage to answer, artists I didn’t manage to present, people I couldn’t help.

 I need funds to finish the web site for Musetouch which will allow people to upload their creations by themselves, web site where they will be able to connect with agents, gallery owners, collectionars and byers. The web site where they will be able to make their own profiles, a little shops that will make possible for them to sell their works. My plan is not to take any provision from the selling. I am devastated with other web sites who are taking even 70% of every work sold, greedy people who are using artists and their creativity, their hard work to gain abundance, to get rich. I never thought that was fair…I think that is even more than rude. That is so called modern capitalism.

There is no bigger crime but to use others people hard work and think about them as a number, not a living human being with feelings.

I plan to take only symbolic $5 per year from every artist as a membership fee just to cover hosting and server expenses of the web site that are already huge, but I am paying them by myself for two years now and I don’t know how long will I manage. My work…everything that I do, which includes presentations and promotions of the artists, promotion of the web site, getting connections and advicing the artists, writing interviews and creating the magazine itself will remain free for ever. I just want to be able to dedicate myself completely to the magazine and people I present.

That is why we need your help.

Every donation will mean a fortune for us and we will know how to appreciate it, no matter how small it is…the most important is that it is coming from the heart.

Helping Musetouch and all the artists I presented and will be presenting in the future, is a beautiful cause, a noble cause, humane cause and I thank you with all my heart in my name and in the name of all of them.”

 Maia Sylba

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