Dylan Vest – Magician

“The male artist has been stereotyped by mainstream society as a “gentle dreamer,” an “effeminate pacifist.” A “pansy” who will cry about his broken heart, but won’t fight the guy who stole his girl. I know many artists who do not conform to this stereotype, but I know many more who do. Conversely, the art community views the tough, stoic, fighting man as a “brutish fool.” They mock the soldier and scoff at the cowboy, labeling them “uncivilized.” Bravery and resolve are mistaken for foolishness and stupidity. The Gentle Pacifist is King. I do not like this. Not one bit.

My mission: To oust the Gentle Pacifist from his throne and replace him with the Valiant Soldier. One who longs to have a cause for which to fight; an honor to defend. Mainstream society will look upon the male artist as a masculine superhero, adored for his selfless courage and unwavering resolve. I will change the culture completely. Creative men (and women) will boldly lead with wisdom and compassion. We will stand fiercely for all that is right and good and just.

Where have all the cowboys gone? I am here. Join me, or stay out of my way.”

Dylan Vest