Nad Wolinska – Into unknown

“Paint itself is a living medium-it is a perfect vehicle to explore spiritual ideas and transcendence. My method is a combination of intuitive expressions of my spiritual path, and a divinely inspired technical method that stems from different sources: The Spiritual awakening from Meher Baba, the divine geometries of the Golden Mean, the Symbolism and the mysticism of alchemy. I approach the painting process in a nonlinear way- through intuition. Challenging myself with subjects for which I have no intellectual knowledge, forces me to rely on intuition or “Intuitive Knowledge.” I begin a painting, as a “Whim,” which allowed me to begin my journey into the unknown and search infinity. The acceptance of my own ignorance opens the door to the path of Knowledge. This is the innate knowledge we all have from the Beginning, which revealed itself. All the paintings have fourteen layers, the seven colors of the rainbow in succession and then back through the array to complete the process in seven more layers. There is a natural harmony contained within the process itself resulting in deep vibrancy and transparency of colors, which could not have been created in any other way. The double spiral or the double helix is an ancient symbol that depicts the duel opposing forces of the evolution of life revolving around the involution of consciousness. I am a painter of the unknown as a way of discovery. I explore the invisible and live the paradox of transmuting the unfathomable in a fathomable image which awakens the latent knowledge in the viewer. I break down conventional structures while building up a non-denominational art, for it speaks to all. My paintings cross over to connect worlds within worlds, revealing the invisible behind the visible; a unity is unveiled while respecting diversity.”

Nad Wolinska

Arrived in New York (2001) working as a decorative muralist until 2004 where she received a private grant to realize a new collection of painting. Resulting in the 16 pieces of the ‘Divine Reality of Human Illusion’ collection.

Recipient of the ARTV Muse Awards (2005) in Oil painting Category

Currently, Nadia Wolinska lives in California and India where she continues her artistic pursuits through selective commissioned works as well as personal explorations in her creative processes.

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