Vera Peltonen – Emotions in motion

Whether Vera’s forceful pen and ink graphics or her smooth plaster sculpture, each piece underscores a keen sense of form. In ‘Wrecking Ball’ she counterbalances thick and thin lines against concentric circles. An arcing black shape intersects the design and leads the focus to the small, dangling black and white sphere. Dissecting rectangular blocks cut into the circles, adding depth, while repeating triangles on the base add impact. The eye is lead both into the design and beyond, into the coming of action.

Butterfly Wing’ however, narrows the image, focusing on the graphic reinterpretation of the wings. The central diagonals suggest spreading wings, both polarized and moving through the perspective of semi-circular lines. Bean’s white sculpture, by contrast, is smooth and gently rhythmical. In ‘Bend’ motion results from recurring shapes emphasized by the stark color and shadows. ‘Cracked’ employs diagonally sliced verticals and a feeling of layered planes.