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Hedy Maimann – My painted Kosmos

After finishing her studies in economics at the Vienna University, Hedy Maimann started to make one of her dreams come true. She learned the art of painting by Prof. Josef Maria Svoboda. Afterwards she became a member of the artist group “Die Spirale” and participated in various exhibitions in Austria.
She painted a serie of peace paintings for a peace book and wrote the text and poems as well. A second serie she did has the title: From the beginning of time.
Besides painting she loves and is interested also in other art. From the age of 11 to 18 she studied classical piano at the Vienna University of Art and took dancing lessons of classical ballet, Flamenco and Salsa.











Art Artists Fine Art Inspiration painting

Ilaria Berenice Gasperoni – The way of art

After studying anthropology at Siena, Ilaria started painting as a self-taught, developing and consolidating painting techniques during long stays in Spain, Brazil, India in a blend with local cultures and different art forms such as music , theater and dance.
Her beginnings were marked by spontaneous creations of 2D and 3D collage  simultaneously with the crochet work, learned this in Brazil watching the elders of the village where she lived and that she revisited to create works that resulted in three-dimensional eclectic compositions. In Brazil, Ilaria also worked at the Art Gallery of Totonho, attended by the leading artists of the Pelourinho, the historic district of Salvador in Bahia.
Back in Milan she made many exhibitions in galleries, bistros and cultural associations. The artistic influences are also the result of the encounter with extraordinary artists such as the Danish Anders Pedersen, the Italian, Juliana Bellini, Mintoy and Umberto Faini.
She has done many commissioned works and one of them called “Piazza Fontana” was published on the  italian calendar 2007  “El calendari milanes”. In 2008 I illustrated the book “Beyond any reasonable doubt” written by Francesco Tufano, President of the European Railway Workers Association, published by CSA Editor (Italy). Again in 2008 the Spanish writer and critique Eva Minguet Camara has dedicated several pages to her artworks in her book titled “Ilustración de vanguardia” published by Monsa Editor of Barcelona (Spain).
For her series of abstract artworks she found many similarities and inspiration in the books “The spiritual in art” of Kandinsky and “On the way of signs” by Henri Michaux, and right to her abstract artworks was dedicated by Morris & Casini Foundation of Rome a large exhibition entitled ” Light vibrations”
The latest exhibition entitled “Ambientarte”, by artists who use recycled materials, was inaugurated in December 2009 at the Art Gallery of Contemporary Art of Gaeta with exhibited some of her artworks of the Series “Collage and painting”, and was extended until 7 March for the interest aroused by the public and the critics. It was concluded with the event “Eco-Globe Media” on April 18, 2010 during the Med Yacht Festival organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Latina.

In the meantime Ilaria is executing various collaborations and action painting with various artists and musicians of different mold and provenance.

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Leif Rasmussen – Beware of art

Leif Rasmussen is an self taught artist with influence by J. Gruetzke, J.M. Basquiat, G. Denning and Yoshitaka Amano. He is currently living on Koh Samui, Thailand. From 1960-2006 he was participating in the mass psychosis of the Western World, believing that money and power are leading to happiness. From 2006 till today Leif is awakening and deciding to make art as one of his favorite pastimes.

Art Artists Fine Art Inspiration painting

Jean Luis Gaillard – Painting, the spirit of life

Jean Luis is a wonderful painter who has sent me an email few days ago. This time I will not write anything…I will let him talk, since I believe he does it better than anybody.


“As a retired general practitioner (born May 13th, 1956), I started my artistic career as a professional painter two years ago (2007). In my opinion, being a professional, has two meanings, being a registered tax payer and recognized by its peers. This doesn’t prejudge the produced work by “amateurs” and “professionals”. Their work is most of the time as interesting. I’ve always been drawing, selling my first painting at the age of 13, receiving for payment some candy from a high school supervisor; it hasn’t been my plastic art teachers encouraging me towards painting. Being in contact with a colleague doctor, a local water-colorist, I decided to launch myself, on sudden impulse, in 1997, into the pictorial adventure. Water coloring in the beginning, with its pastel shades and its rigor in drawing, admitting this medium, at that period in time, as bringing calmness and serenity to me after a hard working day. A few local collective exhibitions and a private exhibition (Congress Center of Bourges) confirmed my choice for painting.

A meeting in 2002 with J.C. Guignardeau (Sables d’Olonne) brought the revelation: I discovered acrylics. A simple medium, rapidly drying, perfectly convenient to my self-educated training as a water-colorist. Relating to my acrylic techniques: produce a painting at one time. Some collective and private exhibitions followed, but in 2007, I became discovered by one of the very famous Gard exhibition places: Saint Laurent des Arbres. 2008 presented the consecration in exhibiting one of my paintings at the Paris Autumn Fair, in 2009 a listing in the Mayer Guide book/ Art Price and beginning exhibitions in Paris galleries as well as abroad (Italy, Belgium).

Personally, I think that painting is a dialogue between human beings. Each word, each sentence can and must be written in overall languages in order to convey my emotions. Having invented and registered the painting patent for blind people – called emotional painting – associating each color to an emotion, I cannot believe in something else than the dialogue of colors expressed by the painter. The emotion in a painting derives from the fair balance among diverse emotions, even contradictory, expressed by colors. The colors I use (ink, watercolors, acrylic) and all styles applied, don’t have, neither of them, the same scope. The force of ink can be approached to the acrylic one, but the softness comes from watercolor.

Passion will be easily conveyed by means of the two first mediums, but poetry and serenity by the third one, for example. Styles, alike, imposes themselves on this or that vision of things. At least, for me. Certainly, the consistency of realization doesn’t meet with reality, it’s said. Granted. But color and joy, enthusiasm and gaiety are present. Here I introduce the notion, like in the medical field, of general painting opposite to specialized painters in such or such style … I compare very often my painting to music : the mediums would be the notes and the styles are the scopes, the themes, the symphonies : symphony of dance, of music, of ocean, of nude painting … my favorite themes.

Painting represents for me the spirit of life, a human being might cling to something concrete, when being in deepest desperation, and rediscover life through art or painting.
Therapy represents, for the one who practices, a way to transmit senses and emotions to the person contemplating the painting. One can get lost amidst colors and forms, perceive unknown landscapes, hidden emotions, inside the painter or oneself.

Colorist, above all, I strived to be a painter of joy. Pushing aside my principles while passing across my most difficult periods, I intended to transpire the resurrection, the hope each being can aspire to. Associate colors within forms, try to liberate or compel oneself to most pure lines, allows structuring the psyche of everyone, granting him consistency in space and time. I didn’t want to exhibit the standstill, the obscurantism, the monopoly of sadness: the spectators know this, they live it, they aspire something else. I always kept a figurative thread in my paintings, a benchmark with the real, in order to not get lost myself, so that probably the others don’t get lost either. The line invites to a journey, giving the direction, stressing out the curve of anatomy. Color grants power. The knife sometimes creates movements. Always surprise oneself: here is the master word. Far from wishing to astonish others, I take the liberty of astonishing myself again and again. That’s the basis of creation for me. Create atmospheres, not to focus at any cost on reproducing in extenso reality, even expressed by symbolism.

In absence of a thinking framework, I oscillate among all styles following my moods, the temper of my passions. Alike a symphony, painting needs several instruments. Each medium has its own value, its tempo. Water coloring, acrylics, charcoal or ink, declined in expressionism, figurative, cubism or abstract, deliver a complexity to my painting work requiring the reading of signature in order to be recognized. To express oneself is positive, but one needs to dialogue apart from one’s own home. Data processing information keeps me aware of national and international exhibitions that are taking place. Thus, I do a selection of those pleasing me with reference to their international consideration, eventual future results and touristic aspects.

Being a pensioner, I have the chance to not need to sell for my living: I can thus express myself freely with my painting, without paying attention to the commercial aspects of it. To paint freely, without thinking framework: a double perfection to my taste.
Now, ending the second year of my professional career, I feel the need to join artist associations evolving within the same thinking streams as me: “Artisti sensa Frontiere” and “Mécèn’Arts” seems symbolize this state of mind to me. This way, I will feel less isolated and have the glance of others on my work. Exhibition organizers accept or refuse, indeed, admission requests without giving any explanation. This seems less destabilizing to me now. Even not selling painting during exhibitions (in galleries or elsewhere) does not permit to judge the artistic quality of my work. Is it the non homogeneity of work? selling rates? size of paintings? theme of exhibition? Quantity of questions are rushing up before and after an exhibition. I am reaching a point where I need benchmarks, a master would be welcome, a master to guide and orient me.

If I want to reach the goal I am striving for – be present in the most famous museums – I need to take that way and produce a social painting, so that lots of people will be able to meet and to gather and art will no longer be a privilege of an elite criticized only by “critics”. Artists pursue, critics disappear without leaving a souvenir. “Vox Populi, vox dei”, the universal painting.”

Jean Luis Gaillard

Art Artists Fine Art Inspiration painting

Kiran Soni – To wake the soul by tender strokes of art

Kiran Soni Gupta is a robust artist, prolific writer and an activist administrator. She is presently Divisional Commissioner, Jaipur in Rajasthan. Committing herself to public services in 1985 she had distinguished assignments in the Government of India, Kerala & Rajasthan. Her commitment and passion led her to study public policy and development at the Maxwell School Syracuse and the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University where she was a Mason Fellow in 2005-06. Her concerns about various contemporary issues have been expressed regularly in her writings in many national/ international newspapers/journals.

Kiran’s creative outpourings are at its best with brush strokes. Her works reflect not only her conviction on issues of women, children, poverty, development and environment, but also her sensitivity, keen observation, and also, an abounding faith in humanity.

Kiran has given new dimensions to art forms, both traditional and modern through her wideranging artworks- diverse in themes, style and media. Creativity with colors and experimentation has given her work depth as well as impact. Deriving the best from her assignments in different regions of India from the tropical forests and beaches of Kerala and the desert scrublands of Rajasthan have provided her opportunities to explore the nature and human mind. This exposure finds expression in her landscapes in oil, water colors and also mixed media. The iconic influence of the spirituality of her surroundings is seen in many of her paintings in the Tanjore style. She is equally deft in graphics, pen & ink sketches and pencil work.

Kiran’s association with well known artists & masters has led her to some of her best etchings, wood cuts, linocuts, lithography & calligraphies. Of late she has produced a series of more than two dozen works titled the ‘God’s Finest Creation “reflecting various qualities of women. She strongly believes that God is the greatest artist and his best creation is women. She perceives the inner beauty of women investing each artwork with a meaning and a message.

She organized the “Kala Kumb” through community support in March 2003 that attracted a congregation of 150 artists from all over the country. Her works have been exhibited at different national/international events more recently at Ottawa, California, New York, Cambridge, Syracuse, Toronto, Chicago, London, Iran and Srilanka. More recently she had her exhibit “Celebration of Life” at Jaipur and “The Great Indian Desert” at Hyderabad. “Beyond Strokes at Roerich International Memorial Centre, Naggar, Kullu and “Desert Symphony” at Cottage Art Gallery, New Delhi were very well received. Her painting” Monsoon Love” has be shortlisted for the Annual Award2010 and her paintings on the “Famine” depicting its impact on women and children in India, won her a National Award in 2003. Another painting the “Matters of Heart” was commended in the All India Fine Arts Exhibition. She was also a visiting artist at the East West Centre, Hawaii. Her artworks auctions in Cambridge in 2007 for raising charity for children’s food and education have helped her in realizing her vision of art for social cause. She also won the Valparaiso Foundation Fellowship, Mojacar, Spain for 2010 and Centrum Residency 2009. She has been recently honored with the “Kala Smridhi Award 2010″. The Times of India has brought out a book ”Beyond Strokes” and “Art Renderings” based on her selected artworks. She is now the distinguished recipient of the “Achiever of the Year 2009” and also the “Artist of the Year 2009”

She believes that man’s soul is the architect of history and that art is the manifestation of man’s soul & reflection of human identity. Art is unbounded and recognizes no constraints. Her artworks auctions in Cambridge for raising charity for children’s food and education have helped her in realizing her vision of art for social causes. In modern times, art is playing a dominant role in bringing about social change transcending borders and minds. Art is the domain of the dialogue between civilizations and cultures; it can speak in a loud and penetrating voice. Art is most often seen as pleasing the eye – creating beauty. Yet the idea of beauty, like that of truth, is most challenging in the present day. If something moves you to an understanding, somehow unreachable for you, by the common paths of words and reason, it’s Art for you. Art is not for the sake of anything…. each art work in its own right depicts the image of the soul of the artist and the society at large. Art is a human activity which has as its purpose the transmission to others of the highest and best feelings to which men have risen.

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Vitaly Geyman – Soulful, dreamlike fine art photography

Born in The Ukraine, Vitaly spent the first twelve years of his life in Kiev, a colorful and culturally rich city replete with old cathedrals and large oak trees. He was a sensitive and highly imaginative child. Vitaly viewed the world as a series of moving pictures. Stored in his memory, the visions of this ancient city would later come to him in dreams.

At the age of twelve his parents decided to leave what was then the U.S.S.R, as political refugees. After spending time in Italy they immigrated to Australia where Vitaly spent his formative years. The beauty and vastness of Australia touched his heart and it is where he began his love affair with nature. However, it was not until his move to the United States in 2003 that he begun to fully immerse himself in the art of photography.

Vitaly received an MBA from Monash University in Australia. He was also trained as an actor and a life coach. His photography comes from a multidisciplinary perspective. It conveys his intimate connection with nature and the power of its beauty. Vitaly’s work has been greatly influenced by David Lorenz Winston, a mentor and a friend who is an acclaimed photographer, well known for his serene winter landscapes including his work titled, Solitude.

Vitaly’s soulful, dreamlike fine art photography has also been greatly influenced by the work of John Wimberley, a well known photographer who has a great collection of B&W photography, with over 50 exhibitions. It is John’s belief that great photographic art transports us into another dimension. Vitaly’s artistic journey is an ongoing exploration of the beauty, simplicity and wisdom of nature. It is a continuous learning process, inspired by passion and love of life.

Art Artists Fine Art Inspiration painting

Murielle Mirabelle Velay – Satin Soul

Born in 1963  in the Principality of Monaco where she’s actually living between her monegasque show room and her atelier situated near a small village on a ridge of the Cheiron mountain chain.
Self-taught, it is in the course of her life, where the art and these multiple expressions are omnipresent, that Mirabelle sees the watercolor imposing upon her, with more exactly the practice of the Nude as evidence. She begins to pain regularly in 2004 and share now her passion with the public.

Thank you for sharing your passion with us dear Mirabelle.